Dawns Custom Cakes -
Price Guide
The price of a cake reflects the cost of ingredients, materials and any specialist equipment required, as well as the time involved in designing, preparing, baking, icing and decorating.  Some designs may involve many days of work, which can increase the cost, whilst simpler designs are available at a reasonable cost. 
If you would like to order a cake but are unsure what size to order here is an idea of cake servings as well as a price guide. This is an approximate portion guide based on a 2” x 1’ portion of sponge:
Celebration & Seasonal Cakes
7" Round Servces 25
8" Round Serves 35
9" Round Serves 45-50
10" Round Serves 60-65
Giant Cupcake Serves 30
Prices start from £25
2D & 3D cakes vary greatly in price depending on size and detailing
If you have an idea in mind then feel free to contact us for a price
Wedding Cakes
2 Tier 90 Servings
3 Tier 110 Servings
4 Tier 200 Servings
5 Tier 210 Servings
6 Tier 345 Servings
Prices start from £40
 *Each and every cake is handcrafted.....therefore no two cakes shall be identical*
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